Imogen, as the Clare, starts to declare that she never cherished your hence the guy is a loss

Imogen requires Eli’s hands and you can leaves it so you’re able to the girl center, she says to him that she would like the newest role that is extremely excited

Eli declines initially, but then proceeds on experiment. „. It avoid the get it done and you may Imogen tells Eli to utilize men and women ideas to type good enjoy. It later check out the Mark and also a java, where Imogen spills the fact she knows about the new event in the Vegas Evening having Fitz while the Golden-haired-Con seminar event. Eli are freaked-out one she knows of this and you may yells within their, however, Imogen brushes it well and you can says to him never to let the new crazy get the best out of him as the that’s what Clare desires. He could be straight back at school when they run into Clare and he or she is awkwardly introduced. Clare and Eli generate arrangements on the interview from the dinner tomorrow. She’s afterwards seen immediately after Eli pitches their idea to Fiona and you will says to him congrats and provide him their pills as well as informs him the following disperse try their decision. She’s last viewed immediately after Eli yells at the Clare which is position next to your as he dumps their pills in the trashcan.

From inside the Should’ve Said Zero (1), Imogen is seen looking at a workbench in front of Degrassi. She actually is talking with Eli when you are Clare try leaving an email on Jake’s truck. It’s obvious she and you may Eli are flirting.

Eli manages to lose they and you may states „I hate You!

During the U Do not know (1), Imogen are walking on hallway which have Eli and you may Fiona, he could be talking about who can have the role from „Clara,“ Imogen says to Eli you to she is a perfect meets, Fiona up coming strolls aside. Whenever Eli describes the smoothness so you can Imogen, she tells your that it reminds her from a burrito. The guy says to the lady one Clara was modeled shortly after Clare Edwards, that provides Imogen the idea to know how Clare serves, very she will play the part truthfully.

Later on, Imogen steps Clare and you will is alongside this lady, enjoying the woman all the move. She products the woman liquid at the same time because Clare, and get mimics just how she eats and just how she wipes the girl lips with her napkin. Clare then notices Imogen starting the same because the the woman and you can Clare begins doing something to find out if Imogen usually duplicate and you may she really does. Clare up coming sarcastically asks Imogen if she will be able to help the woman, Imogen states „Sure, I wish to end up being your.“ Clare will get perplexed up until Imogen tells the lady that she would like to be „Clara.“ Imogen requests help, and you may Clare states one to things says to her it is a bad idea (and you will Imogen tells the lady „Oh! Your pay attention to voices also!“ and then the topic transform).

Clare believes to aid this lady, and you may she informs Imogen to tell Eli that he are delighted and you will move forward given that she is happy possesses a date. Imogen believes. Later, Imogen walks to Clare regarding the places which can be holding a good heap out of courses. She informs Clare one she comprehend the word of each one of the woman favorite guides, and come up with Clare astonished. Imogen requires in the event that she will borrow their clothing today, but Clare says to the girl „Just yet.“ Clare wants a guarantee, she wishes Imogen making „Clara“ sympathetic and not a demon because the Clare isn’t really a demon. Imogen accepts the newest promise. After immediately following Eli refused all of the other auditions the guy feels there is absolutely no vow up until Imogen strolls inside and you will says a column that makes Eli envision she’s in a position to your spot. She continues to „end up being Clare“ then Eli along with her finish kissing. Imogen then contains the part.